To kickstart the project or discussion of working with us on your Logo/Brand Identity Design, we’ve compiled a questionnaire below necessary to get a better understanding of your project and its requirements.

Note: There’s absolutely no need to rush through answering all of these questions! Your responses will ultimately determine your brand’s positioning, so this exercise should take you some time. If you have any questions or need help discovering your brand, let us know by sending an email or dropping a text via the contact details below!  We’re happy to help guide you in the right direction!
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Brand Questionnaire


This is the full written name needed (or you would like to have) for the logo. Please detail exact wording for the logo. For us its DIVISION HQ, for Coke its Coca-Cola.
If you have an existing tag line, which needs to form part of the logo, then please enter this here. If you don't have a tag line, then I'd strongly recommend that we work on creating one for you. A good tag line can often form the platform for the visual direction of the logo. You can request a tag-line service below.
This is where I need you to be descriptive and detailed as possible. You need to sell what you do so I can understand, to the best of my abilities, what I am designing a logo and/or brand identity for.
This is a refined and optimized version of above. Think along the lines of the Elevator Pitch: you have just a minute, or two, to enthusiastically explain, and describe, what your brand is before I exit the elevator.
What makes your 'thing' different and/or better than your competitors? Or what does it offer that nothing else does?
If you are redesigning your logo, updating it, refreshing it; maybe you're completely starting again in terms of your existing logo and brand identity, then please explain any reasoning/motivation behind this decision. It is exceptionally important that I understand the reasoning behind any logo or brand update. If you feel it's easier to explain this to me over the phone, instead of writing, then please add that request here instead.
List down any objectives of this project that you would like to highlight.
Please list names, URLs or share any thoughts about your competitors if possible.
You may have competitors that although are not a direct threat, do share some similarities with what you do. Feel free to list names, URLs or share any thoughts about your competitors if possible.
Where do you work from? For example: Office, Home, On-the-Road, Shared Space etc.
Useful to know exactly how big or small the business is.


This is important for us to get an understanding of your vision of your brand's logo. People often have different ideas on what the term “logo” means or implies. Examples of different types of logo formats would be like 1) PICTORIAL MARK (This mark includes literal or representative imagery to symbolize your brand. 2) LOGOTYPE (This format includes your company’s name in stylized typeface and/or your company initials in a simple shape.) 3) EMBLEM (This features the name or initials of the company, usually as part of a pictorial element or shape.)
This gets the client thinking about how the logo will be used. If the client has certain physical and practical requirements then we really need this information before we can start designing. It may affect the level of detail you can incorporate, or if we have to create a number of logo variations and styles which could affect the budget. Think about the smallest and largest physical size your logo needs to work at. Does the logo need to be legible printed on the side of a pen and/or adorned on the side of a building?

Got some reference images that you've compiled? Share it with us below!

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Project Budget *
Kindly list down any key dates or deadlines we have to take note of below.
Kindly list down any notes that you would like to highlight to us. i.e. colour, restrictions, concerns etc.