We’re proud to showcase the work of our paper artist Rae Lim, who was privileged to be 1 of the 6 artists selected by Yanda (Do Not Design).


Born out of an obsession with paper and a curious spirit that never stops looking for new techniques and innovations, Colorplan is an iconic range of premium coloured papers and boards coveted by creatives and designers around the world.

The Colorplan range was first created in 1972, inspired by the explosion of colour in popular culture. It was a pioneering paper range which had a scope and scale that was, up till then, simply unheard of: 50 vibrant colours, 25 embossings, and 8 weights. In the hands of creative designers and forward-thinking printers, Colorplan changed the landscape of printed communications with its vision of inspiring the next generation of creative pioneers.

To celebrate the launch of Colorplan in Southeast Asia, K+ and RJ Paper present 6 creatives, selected with the help of curator Yanda (Do Not Design). Playing with colour, texture and form, they have produced art installations that push the boundaries of what paper can do. The exhibition will also feature a range of 50 notebooks produced exclusively and designed by 50 local and international designers.

K+ Colorplan ran from 7 October to 20 November 2016.